Winn Grips:

Polymer compounds are tackier and more comfortable than traditional rubber. Each polymer is uniquely formulated to achieve a different firmness, texture and weight to satisfy the individual needs of the sports participants it serves.
By creating extremely comfortable, slip-resistant grips that reduce stress on hands and body, we enable participants to lighten grip pressure, increase control, enhance accuracy, distance, sensitivity and performance over extended periods of participation. For fishermen, the end result is longer casts, increased sensitivity, reduced fatigue, heightened casting accuracy and, above all, increased hours of enjoyment and high-performance fishing! Available in all of the colors pictured below!!!!


Micro Guides:

Micro Guides offer the following advantages. Rods have increased sensitivity by having less added weight to the rod blank due to smaller lighter guides. Micro guides leave a smaller "footprint" on the blank - this decreases the amount of influence on the rod blank's natural flex. The rod will have Increased casting distance by reducing the amount of line slap through the guides. Micro guides offer more sensitivity by less added build weight (less rod finish and thread). Micro guides won’t bend like regular sized guides. Fewer wind knots and less tangles on deck and in rods lockers. Micro guides also provide easier entry into rod lockers and tubes.


ProWrap Color Treated Thread:

ProWrap™ Color Fast Nylon thread features the same strong tensile strength as the Regular Nylon, but it is pre-treated to withstand the sun's damaging UV rays without the need for a Color Preserver. The New Standard in Thread Wrap. In development for over a year and rigorously tested by rod builders, ProWrap™ thread is available in 80 colors.